Our core business


What are the cyber-risks my company is facing?

Sekoia provides assistance to Executives and risk management professionals in identifying emerging cyber-risks, assessing vulnerabilities and analyzing threats targeting their organization.


How can I optimize my risks management practice?

The right combination of « People + Processes + Technologies » is the key to an efficient cybersecurity policy. Sekoia provides support to companies in deploying their cybersecurity strategies and make sure to efficiently integrate them within their pre-existing risk management framework.


How to minimize the impact of an incident and identify its origin?

Sekoia's CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) helps companies detect incidents in early stage and provides advanced fast forensic technology and expertise to make the right diagnosis and helps take the right decisions to reduce the impact of an incident on your business.

Our main domains

We mainly work with large organizations in France and Europe. Our team has developed a strong knowledge and expertise to better understand the specific needs of Finance, Defense and Healcare organizations.


Energy & Defense


Our tailored approach

Human &

Human has become the strongest link of cybersecurity. The proximity and fluidity of the relationships between our clients and us allow us to offer « on demand » solutions.

Knowledge sharing

In order to share knowledge and develop professional skills, Sekoia has created a training center. We also take part in several workgroups in France and abroad.


We dedicate 25% of our resources in Research & Development, creating solutions to face tomorrow's threats.

Our Training center

Since 2008, Sekoia provides training to companies risk management professionals (CSO, Business Continuity management, Risk managers, Project managers, auditors, etc.).

Here are our general training topics:

Information security

Here is detailed the technical training program developped by the CERT SEKOIA in the domain of digital investigation and forensics, APT detection and incident response.

Information security management

The trainings detailed in this section enable students to acquire the necessary skills to implement or audit an Information Security Management System based on ISO27001 and ISO27002 standards.

IT Risk management

The trainings presented in this section allow students to develop the necessary knowledges and skills to perform a risk analysis in accordance with the ISO 31000 and ISO 27005.

Business continuity management

The trainings detailled in this section allow students to acquire the skills necessary to implement or audit a Business Continuity Management System under the ISO 22301 standard.

Law and information security

The trainings proposed in this section allow the trainee to understand the legal framework which governs the security of information systems.

CERT Sekoia

Sekoia's « Computer Emergency Response Team » (CERT) can be seen as a fire brigade providing immediate response to IT security emergencies.
Sekoia's CERT is organized in a way to minimize the impact of cybersecurity incidents on your activity.

Main activities of Sekoia’s CERT are the following:

  • Incident early detection
  • Incident Response and IT forensics
  • Awareness, simulations and exercises
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